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Gate Leg Table

A gate leg table is a slightly later version of the drop leaf table, constructed in a similar manner it has one or 2 hinged side panels which can be extended to allow for an expanded dining space. This allows for increased usability and storage. With a gate leg table the panels are typically supported through legs which can swing out from underneath and provide a firm base to rest upon. As with a drop leaf table, a gate leg table also comes in garden designs specifically for outdoor use and are very easy to store away until the summer months, making a great and stylish addition to your garden, provided the great British summer will allow us the time!

Quality Craftsmanship Gate Leg Table

Our team aims to bring only the highest quality craftsmanship to the pages of Drop Leaf Table. We are continually on the lookout for the latest offers and discounts to ensure we are your one stop online shop. Over time we will build up an extensive list of the most desirable gate leg tables which we believe our customers will value. No other site online has the specific purpose putting together an extensive gate leg table list and so this is we provide the best online service. If you have any suggestions or have viewed any products or discount codes which you think would add value to our pages then please get in touch through the address provided at our “about” page and a member of the Drop Leaf Table team will respond immediately.


Drop Leaf Table

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