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Historic Tables

Table Types Through History

Throughout history there have been numerous types of tables which come in a variety of designs made from an assortment of materials, which can be used for a diverse range of purposes, from work surfaces to dining surfaces. This page will give a brief overview of some common and some less common types of table, including the main feature of this site, a drop leaf table.

Tripod Table: A tripod table is as it would suggest, supported by 3 legs and is generally quite a small piece of furniture, which can be folded for storage. Its origins date back to the 18th century when it was typically used as surface to place candles upon. This type of table has declined in popularity and can be hard to find online, however, there are some quality antique tripod tables available for more than reasonable prices if you look in the right places.

Cricket Table: This form of table also has 3 legs and is usually reasonably small in size. The surface of a cricket table is also round and features a lower tier. This table has its origins in the 15th century and one can presume an associationCricket Table between the 3 stumps in cricket and the 3 legs of the table. It is also hard to find many of these types of tables online, however they are available and should you be lucky enough to find one that suits your preferences it will make a charming addition to your household.

Drum Table: Drum tables are solid pieces of furniture dating back to the 18th century, typified by a deep surface panel which incorporates  drawers and storage space, these can in many cases be faux drawers, placed only for aesthetic purposes. Often the surface of a drum table is covered by leather and used as a writing desk. Again this type of table often makes use of only 3 legs. Here at Drop Leaf Table we have a small drum table range which features some intricately crafted and finely polish tables.

Refectory Table: A long, elongated table which is supported by long trestles low to the ground. This table can be seen to date back right to the medieval age when it was used as a dining table in monasteries, capable of seating large groups.  Usage eventually developed throughout the nobles and upper classes being used for feasts and large gatherings. In todays market there are various online stores which stock refectory tables and where you may also have a table designed to your own specifications. This wont come cheap but will provide a unique and highly valuable piece of furniture which can be passed down the generations as a family heirloom. For a range of beautiful oak refectory dining tables we suggest you take a visit  to Oak Dining Table and Chairs, where they feature a wide selection of oak dining table and chairs available from all the major retailers.

Drop Leaf Table: The main feature of this site, the drop leaf table, can be placed back to the late 16th century, evolving into other styles later on in the 17th and 18th century. Usually constructed from two hinged side panels which are extended for increased surface area. Great for storage purposes. For more drop leaf table information we have an in depth view at what is a drop leaf table?

Gate Leg Table: The gate leg table evolved from the drop leaf table and has been used in a similar manner. Namely for a stylish, aesthetically pleasing way of saving space. As opposed to the drop leaf table, legs swing out to support the extending panels. These tables date back to the 16th century. To read more and view a selection click here gate leg table.

Work Tables: This name can conjure up a variety of images but its original use was in the 18th century and through the Victorian era. Work tables were originally constructed as a base for supporting various sewing materials and to provide a surface to sew from. Work table tops are often oblong shaped but come in various designs, mostly with drawers to store sewing equipment. An antique work table is an intriguing piece of history and can be found through online auctions if you have the money to spare. Finding cheaper versions online may prove difficult, however, if any readers know of a good site then please suggest it to our team so we can add to our list of resources.

End Table: An end table is typically placed, as the name would suggest, at the end of a sofa or chair to place whatever items you may wish. Many households choose to place on a lamp on this table, providing an easily accessible point. Source report that this table can be traced back to the mid 18th century. Now in common usage throughout the world. End tables are easy to locate online with many beautiful styles and bargains to be found.

Childrens Tables: Throughout history specific smaller sized furniture and tables have been constructed to suit the younger generation. For more information about baby furniture head over to baby furniture sets who have a large and varied high quality selection to choose from.

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